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Empire 1&2 Combined Event Report

Because I've still not enough of a handle on the system for separated reports, and am also a lazy bastard.

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Balance of the World Event Report

Yes, I know I'm missing an ODC report here. It may happen. Eventually.

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Dark Tempus Event 1: Event Report

(Yes, this is very late.)

So. Dark Tempus is awesome, you should definitely go to it. Yes, you. Sci-fi post-apocalyptic survival horror with a pretty damn shiny world and some epic epic skills (and some really awesome people). Go. Do that thing.

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Dominion Event Report

Yes, I know it's late. In my defence, character death.

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Jul. 4th, 2012

Not going to be able to deal with other peoples' crazy for a while. Sorry. Brainfail.

ODC Event Report

- OC tent flooding, meaning OC clothing and phone both got massively waterlogged (and phone now does not work)
- overhearing some homophobic/generally uncomfortable comments
- spinefail

- Awesome group being awesome and leaving me feeling like one of them very very quickly
- Adrenaline rush from arena battles
- Roleplay with other groups, and an IC allegiance-switch possibly coming up
- Pile of corsairs being told bedtime stories by a Persian
- "I'm not doing it without you"
- Being asked several times if I wanted a wife (and once if I wanted a husband)
- IC sexuality confusion is big and clever
- Battle librarians
- Pillars roleplay and "Goat, Not-A-Goat"
- A very specific set of criteria for a blessing
- Getting to talk IC religion with many peoples
- The quest. Oh gods, the quest.
- Just...everything. Awesome awesome system. Very definitely playing it again.

May. 15th, 2012

Okay, feeling more secure now. Again with the 'ignoring the stressors in my life until they go away', mind, but I think I'm justified in taking this week for my last uni work and next week for Maelstrom and not giving a damn about much else until that's over.

Also, 'Strom looks to be going to be fun. Huzzah inadvisable alchemy and shellshock (well, more shellshock than usual. There's a funny story behind that, but it's not a good kind of funny, so).